Diet plan for your kids

Over weight or obesity in children is the main concern for many parents. Though unhealthy lifestyle is accounted for weight gain in children, sometimes mothers also become a reason for their over weight. Each mother has a tendency to feed the child extensively sometimes, more than his requirement during developmental stages so that their child will gain weight quickly. This tendency of feeding the child in excess must be stopped otherwise your child will look obese at younger age itself. Those children are prone to diseases like diabetics at tender age because of over weight. A diet plan for your kid is essential for controlling their weight and adding nutrition to them.

One of the reasons for gaining weight at young age is children watch lot of television. Nowadays, sitting idle at a place for long duration and watching television for hours together has become the regular habit of many children. To begin with, you should control the time for watching television. And encourage the child to take part in outdoor games. Encourage them for doing regular exercise or involve the child in physical activities daily. Fix time for them to play at least for half an hour daily. By doing exercise regularly or playing outdoor games the child will burn excess of calories stored in his body. The child can be motivated to do workouts by giving him a reward. At this stage, child cannot understand the harmful effects of obesity. Hence, parents should properly motivate the child to do regular exercise.

Apart from encouraging your child to do some exercise, you provide healthy food rich in nutrition and reduce the quantity of junk food. It has become customary for children to get addicted for junk foods following others in the school. It is easy for them to eat lot of junk food which reduces the appetite. Once the child starts taking junk food he would not understand the value of fruits and fresh vegetables. Be strict in reducing the oily foods and fried items in their meals. Substitute them with fruits and salads. Encourage your child to eat lot of cereals and sprouted pulses which are rich in nutrition and very easy to digest. Prepare a diet plan for your child by including lot of proteins and vitamins in their daily food. Control them by not getting addicted to chocolates and ice creams.

If you are able to successfully stop your child’s weight gain, then you are in the way of reaching the target. This is the crucial stage and if your child can pass through this stage, you can gradually reduce his weight. Calculate the calories of food you provide him daily and see that it does not exceed the specified limit. Once you bring them to the routine of taking only nutritious food calculating the calories, then you can control the weight of your child by asking him to do regular exercise. Following a healthy diet plan can reduce the weight of your child in the long run and also makes him strong and healthy.


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