Truths about dieting and pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy is not recommended by any doctor. It is better if you follow a diet after delivery of the child. However you can be on diet during early stages of pregnancy and it is advised to consult your doctor to know whether you can be on diet when you are pregnant.

Generally women have less chance to conceive when they are overweight. It is not good if you are overweight during the stages of pregnancy since it may lead to complications like blood pressure and diabetics. It is most common that normal women may develop blood pressure during their pregnancy and that too obese women may develop gestational diabetics or pre-epilepsy which may damage the development of your baby. However, it is not good for a woman who maintains healthy weight for her age to lose weight when she has intention to become pregnant. Many women feel that they gain more weight during the course of pregnancy and hence in order to minimize the effect of gaining more weight they starve a lot to lose weight. Since you carry the fetus with you it is necessary to take nutritious food for keeping the baby healthy. If you are going to be on diet when you are pregnant it will affect the baby to be born. Hence it is vital that you consume nutrient rich foods during pregnancy for delivering a healthy baby. You have to follow the medications and food items prescribed by your doctor for having a healthy baby. If you still follow a diet during pregnancy you are inviting unwanted trouble of delivering a baby which is malnourished.

The baby inside you may require lot of nutrition during the developmental stage. Also your body will undergo lot of physiological changes when you are pregnant. It is true that you will put on weight during the stage of pregnancy which will gradually come down once the baby is delivered. Though dieting should be avoided when you have conceived still it is strongly recommended that you should monitor the foods you are eating. As per the doctor’s advice you should avoid taking lot of sugars and carbohydrates but have rich and nutritious food needed for your baby’s development. Eating too much of fried items and fat rich foods should be avoided. It will induce weight gain and also develop digestive problems.

You can be on diet after your delivery but it should be monitored carefully. Since you are breastfeeding the baby following a strict diet is not advisable. It may cause irreparable damage to your child and your health. You may need lot of nutritious food till you feed the baby. You need not worry much about the weight gain since it will automatically come down 4 months after delivery. You should always follow your gynecologist advice regarding your diet. Even after 6 months of birth, you still continue to gain weight it is time to consider a healthy diet to reduce those extra pounds. You can do some exercises if you delivered the baby without undergoing operation.


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