What is the Science Behind Green Tea Pills And Weight Loss ?

Alright. Every one knows green tea pills are the best to fight cancer etc etc etc. The health benefits of green tea and green tea pills have been rehashed over and over. I’ve gone over this over and over on this site and there are plenty of other websites that do it too. What is the science behind green tea and weight loss though? How can green tea help you lose weight?

The thing that is important for green tea and weight loss is the caffein. Caffein increases your body’s natural metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. It’s as simple as that. That’s the science behind weight loss using green tea pills.

There is one other interesting fact that you might want to consider as well, but it’s a little bit gross. Caffein increases the speed that the bowels move too. You’ve surely noticed your post caffein bowl movement in the morning after your coffee. It is possible to use this effect to your advantage too. If you’ve just eaten a really unhealthy meal, say a Big Mac or something else full of processed rubbish, you can minimise the effects of it by taking a couple of green tea pills. Not only will the caffein in the pill boost your natural metabolic rate but it will also increase the rate the Big Mac exits your body. The less time it is there the less time the rubbish has to be absorbed. It’s not about how many calories go into your mouth but how many calories get absorbed by your body.

Get yourself some green tea pills today and try it out, see what happens.


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